"The Last of Us"  Client: Naughty Dog/Sony Playstation
"The Last of Us"  Client: Naughty Dog/Sony Playstation
"Bring on the Night" Minecraft tribute
"I am the Danger" Breaking Bad tribute
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Kill Bill Vol.1 & Vol.2  Spoke Art & Castro Theater
"Blessed are the Forgetful"  Bottleneck Gallery
"Safety is for the Living" Safety Poster Campaign Client: Mancomm Inc
 "How to Stay Healthy for the Zombie Apocalypse" Series Client:Healthline.com
 "Gifts Ideas for the Zombie in Your Life" Series Client:Healthline.com
Personal, Client, and Private Commission poster illustrations
"A Hero Rises... From The Couch" Gallery 1988 LA
"The Prison" AMC & Hero Complex Gallery
"Rats" Spoke Art
"Dick in a Box" NBC Universal Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary
Client Illustration